Take a good look at any career field out there, and you´ll see that virtually all of them involve working with computers in one way or another. At Asher College, we´re a computer training college and an approved Microsoft IT Academy that offers the IT associates degrees and programs that will help you to learn about new technology and utilize it to advance your career. Our class schedules are flexible, allowing you to complete your training and earn your degree on your terms in a timeframe that meets your needs. Our IT training courses include a bundle of Microsoft software to use throughout the program, and our on-site PC Clinic will deliver hands-on career training and preparation to help you hit the ground running in your new career.

Browse through our list of programs below to discover which computer program is right for you, then contact the Asher College location nearest you.


Computer and Network Technician

In our Computer and Network Technician program, you’ll develop the certifications, skills, and credentials it takes to successfully implement, manage, and troubleshoot network environments that run on the Windows client/server platform. More

Skills You Will Learn

  • Hardware Support
  • Network Support
  • Software Support
  • Server Support
  • Desktop Support

IT Network Engineer

Our IT Engineer Program graduates learn the skills needed to run medium-to-large enterprises using Windows Server Network Technologies, including IPv6, Network Access Protection, IPSec, performance monitoring, and event log tools. More

Skills You Will Learn

  • Network monitoring
  • Testing The Network For Weaknesses
  • Monitoring The System For Updates
  • Installing And Implementing Security Programs
  • Evaluating And Implementing Network Management Software

IT Server Administrator

Our IT Server Administrator certifications will teach you the necessary skills needed to manage multiple server operating systems, directory services, perform software distribution and server update tasks, monitor service performance, and trouble shoot common server problems. Students will also complete a course of study that will prepare them to test for the Linux+ certificate. More

Skills You Will Learn

  • Applying operating system updates
  • Performing routine audits of systems and software
  • Adding, removing, or updating user account information
  • Applying operating system updates, patches, and configuration changes
  • System configuration

Network and Database Administrator

Our Network and Database Administrator certifications will help you develop the essential skills needed to manage, deploy, build, design, and optimize databases and servers. More

Skills You Will Learn

  • Database installation
  • Database server configuration and upgrading
  • Database feature evaluation
  • Database design and implementation
  • Application tuning and performance monitoring

Computer Specialist and Network Technician

In our Computer Specialist and Network Technician program, you´ll prepare to advance your career by gaining the skills and training needed to successfully implement, manage, and troubleshoot network environments running on the Windows client/server as well as a Linux platform. More

Skills You Will Learn

  • Hardware support
  • Network support
  • Software support
  • Server support
  • Desktop support

PC Technician

Our PC Technician program teaches PC hardware support skills. Graduates from this program have the ability to design and implement small office/home office networks, basic computer repair and help desk support. More

PC Technician graduates have the opportunity to test to become CompTIA Certified in A+.

Skills You Will Learn

  • Basic computer repair
  • Hardware support
  • Desktop support
  • Workgroup and domain environments

Network Support Specialist

Network Support Specialists understand the fundamentals of networking, including tasks such as sub netting, OSI reference model, LAN networking devices, WAN networking devices and TCP/IP. More

Graduates from the Network Support Specialist Program have the opportunity to test for Network +, Security +, CompTIA certifications and ICND I, ICND II, Cisco certifications.

Skills You Will Learn

  • Networking
  • Securing a network
  • Workgroup and domain environments
  • LAN and WAN networking devices

PC Support Specialist

Our PC Support Specialist graduates have the skills necessary to become employable as entry level Computer Technicians or Help Desk Support Specialists. This program teaches the basics of keyboarding and ten key, along with Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook. More

Skills You Will Learn

  • Basic computer repair
  • Networking
  • Desktop support
  • Typing and ten key
  • Microsoft Office Essentials

Tech Support Specialist

Our Tech Support Specialist graduates have knowledge of system architecture, installation and package management, Linux file systems and file system hierarchy standards. These students learn how to network computers, printers, and tablets, along with the essentials of operational and organizational security and cryptography. Those enrolled in this program will have the opportunity to test for Network +, Security +, and Linux +, CompTIA certifications and Microsoft Windows 7 certification. More

Skills You Will Learn

  • Networking
  • Secured networks
  • Cryptography