Network & Database Administrator

Microsoft: MCSA Certifications: 7 certifications

The Network Database Administrator program is offered at all of our college locations. It is designed to help you to build and develop the necessary set of skills to successfully manage, deploy, build, design and optimize databases and database servers. Plus, you will gain a level of expertise and familiarity with the Windows Server 2008 & SQL Server 2012 platform, boosting flexibility and scope of knowledge within the workforce.

The main role of a database administrator has to do with overseeing the installation and ongoing function of software on a system designed for use by a number of users. There are several specific responsibilities that the typical database administrator will perform in just about any corporate environment, the most basic of which involve installing new databases. As part of database installation, the database administrator will set up login credentials to authorized persons, define the privileges associated with each authorized user, and ensure that every work station attached to the network is set up to access the new database. This process usually involves a period of troubleshooting, when the database administrator will address and resolve any problems that users experience with the new product.

You don’t need extensive technical experience to pursue an exciting career in Information Technology (IT). If you’re analytical, enjoy problem-solving and new technology, and you’re looking to get established in a challenging new career, training as MCTS Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist could be a good option for you.


Our Network and Database Administrator students are taught to install & configure Microsoft SQL Servers and maintain databases or multidimensional databases, user accounts, database availability, recovery, and reporting. They also design or implement security or server automation and monitor and troubleshoot SQL Server activity.

Program Course Titles
Windows OS – Microsoft Certification – Windows 7, Configuring – Vendor Exam: 70-680
Server Basics – Microsoft Certification – Windows Server 2008 Active Directory, Configuring – Vendor Exam: 70-640
Career Success – Soft skills are more important than ever and this course will help you enhance the skills you have and then develop the ones you need.
SQL Server 1 – Microsoft Certification – Querying SQL Server 2012 – Vendor Exam: 70-461
SQL Server 2 – Microsoft Certification – Administering SQL Server 2012 – Vendor Exam: 70-462
SQL Server 3 – Microsoft Certification – Implementing a Data Warehouse with SQL Server 2012 – Vendor Exam: 70-463
Advanced Career Development – Skill Development

Network & Database Administrator program graduates at Asher College receive career services, including information on how to search for and find that perfect job, tips on interviewing and preparing a cover letter, and assistance with resume writing.

Once you graduate you can start a career as one of the following:


  • Database Administration
  • Database Development
  • Database Support

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