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Caitlin Randell shares her experience at Asher College
Hear what Jordon Cassey has to say about Asher

I visited five different schools before I chose Asher because I figured Asher was the perfect fit. My favorite class at Asher would have to be Career Success... If you have the chance to go to Asher, do it!

Daylene Perry, Medical Records Specialist

Really, really, really grateful. Tremendous staff at Asher College. Everyone has been so helpful and supportive... we’re like a big family. It’s been one of the best experiences of my life...

Nancy Ozsvath, Microsoft Office Business Graduate

I couldn't have done it without Asher. The instructors are brilliant. They have no problems answering any questions... I can't convey how grateful I am for Asher College coming into my life.

Ervin Reed, Associate of Applied Science in Computer Specialist and Networking

I like the way that the environment is structured and set on a timed schedule to complete Units and Exams. For me it helps me to stay on track and complete the coursework and the program on time. The entire staff is very nice and helpful.

Nicholas Canup

Great school not only is the environment very professional but the staff is also & they are all very helpful. I am taking the Office Administration program it has hands on training which is great for people who prefer it like me. All my thoughts & all my actions are geared toward furthering my career even more now because of them. I recommend this school to anyone who really wants to further their education & get the career they always wanted to know I am now thanks to them thank you Asher College!

Misty Alvarez

I absolutely love the environment. The staff is absolutely amazing and would stop what ever they are doing and help you. My absolute favorite thing I love about Asher College is the Career Success Class I take twice a week. I absolutely love this class it opens up your mind.

Blanca Lucero

I am so glad I decided to go to Asher College. The staff, teachers and fellow students are so amazing. Everyone has such a positive attitude and support and cheer each other on! Young and young at heart, if you are interested or just thinking about going to college, check out Asher!!

Rachael S.

The entire staff is friendly and everyone wants you to succeed all the time. They celebrate every success and they provide encouragement through each moment of your life that you share with them. I am a proud student of Asher College!!!

Salena Renee

Asher College is indeed a nice place to acquire the skills and knowledge one needs. I really enjoyed every moment I spent in Asher College both the staff and the students are awesome. Asher College is a place where you feel at home, feel welcomed and relaxed to learn.

Tori Smith

The environment is very relaxing and safe. My teacher goes out of her way to make sure that you do your very best. You can tell by your curriculum that the school has put much thought into what you need to advance in your career. My training has allowed me to express the need for a new position at my job. By doing so, it is a new position for 2 other people and will benefit the company financially. This school is a much need resource for people who work and need the extra time for hands-on training.

Shana Dunton