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About Asher College

As a student at Asher College, you'll benefit from two decades of education expertise that has been continually focused on linking quality graduates to quality jobs

Focused, Supportive and Purpose-Driven Education

Since its inception, Asher College has focused on achieving one goal: giving our students rigorous and robust training for real-world careers. Students come to Asher for many reasons, but the reason they refer their friends and family is that they’ve seen the results — a rewarding career is possible and you don’t need to trudge through a 4-year program to reach it.

We are a vocational college and career trade school offering education, support, and training to our students. Our career training programs include Information TechnologyMedicalBusiness and Associate of Applied Science degrees.

Our Mission

Our mission is to propel Asher College students into new careers through quality, market-driven career education to serve the Greater Sacramento, Las Vegas, and Dallas areas and our Veteran Population.

We accomplish this by:

  • Providing prompt, individual attention to students
  • Preparing students to apply learning to real-life situations
  • Establishing a long-lasting relationship with graduates and alumni
  • Obtaining feedback from industry professionals
  • Employing experienced and capable faculty members who are encouraged to bring their unique talents and sensibilities to the classrooms

Hands-On Training for Real Careers

We incorporate an abundance of hands-on training throughout the learning experience. Whether in our classrooms or in our computer and career training labs, you will develop the hands-on skills that employers are looking for.

One way we develop these skills for you is by being an approved CompTIA Certified Partner, and Cisco training and testing site. When you graduate from Asher College, employers will know that you have the skills it takes to get the job done …and done well.

Distance Learning & Hybrid Delivery Model

The following programs have been approved for both Interactive Distance Learning (IDL) and Hybrid delivery at the Sacramento campus only:

Hybrid Delivery Model

Asher College’s implementation of Hybrid methodology includes live video events, webinars, one-on-one virtual meetings, discussion boards, and other virtual solutions. The hybrid model has an on-campus attendance obligation during each week of a student’s program. Students are provided with any physical course material needed prior to beginning a course and have access to all lesson plans and digital course material for any currently enrolled course or previously taken course through the student portal. Asher College provides access to all lessons and other materials to the student if the student has fully paid for the educational program.

Interactive Distance Learning Opportunities in Sacramento

The following programs have been approved for both Interactive Distance Learning (IDL) and Hybrid delivery.

Students enrolled in an IDL-eligible program or General Education courses do not have an on-campus attendance requirement. However, they are still encouraged to come to campus to complete coursework, take exams, or meet with faculty. IDL programs are not currently available in Nevada or Texas. The General Education courses in the Associate degree programs can be delivered remotely, depending on the student’s funding source.

A Career Services Department Dedicated to Your Success

We provide the highest level of support to students each and every day. At Asher College, you’ll be known by name, and your professional goals will be embraced by our career training faculty and staff. We offer free tutoring and comprehensive career services assistance designed to help you land that perfect position after you graduate.

“This school has made it possible for me to get my degree while also working full time. There is truly no other school that I know, that is as flexible and as helpful as Asher college. They will do everything in their power to create a schedule that works best for you and will do everything in their power to help you stay on track with your program. If you are looking for a place that puts you and your education first; look no further.” — David Parkinson

A Brief History of Asher College


In 1997, Michael Dourgarian and David Vice were discussing the skills gap between what employers were looking for and what current job seekers had. Michael and David came from related-yet-different backgrounds, but saw the need to provide in-demand skills to those who were looking to improve life for themselves and their families.

In 1998, they opened a school called TechSkills of Sacramento, offering courses that focused on Information Technology skills and careers. David Vice became the President and used his IBM background to manage the day-to-day operations. Mike Dourgarian remained the President and Owner of the Sacramento Manpower Staffing Agency, but used his extensive knowledge and skills to develop placement assistance resources for the school.

In 2002, they became approved for veteran’s benefits. In 2003, they expanded the facilities and added Medical & Office Administration programs. In 2006, they became nationally accredited, allowing students to use Title IV funds.


In 2008, they moved to Asher’s current Sacramento campus location. Then looking to expand their locations, they changed the company name in 2010 to TechSkills of California and added the Las Vegas, Nevada Campus in 2011 and the Dallas, Texas Campus in 2012. In 2012, they were approved for multiple Associates Degrees and changed the name to Asher College to reflect degree-granting approval.

Mr. Douragrian also sold his stake in Manpower and joined Asher College as the Vice President of Career Services.
Members of Asher’s staff have served on numerous boards, received many awards, volunteered in their communities, and celebrate the success of their students daily.

Since the college’s inception in 1998, Asher has utilized a blended learning method, facilitating a flexible approach for adult learners who want to enter the workforce quickly while still being able to complete their education. This has proven successful for the thousands of Asher graduates currently working in their communities.

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