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Fundamentals in Network and Computer Systems Administration Certificate Program in Dallas

Fundamentals of Network and Computer Systems Administration in as Little as 11 Months*

Gain the hands-on training, practical experience, and industry support it takes to begin a successful IT career with Asher in our Fundamentals of Network and Computer Systems Administration certificate program. Offered in a hybrid learning format that allows you to complete much of your coursework online while receiving hands-on training and in-person instruction through on-campus visits. This flexible learning format is designed to work for you and your busy schedule, so you can balance your work, personal life, and your educational goals.

If you enjoy working with computers, are good with new technology, and are interested in a career with a high potential for growth, Asher’s Fundamentals of Network and Computer Systems Administration certificate program could be a good choice for you!

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Fundamentals of Network and Computer Systems Administration Certificate Program

Asher College’s Fundamentals of Network and Computer Systems Administration certificate program prepares students for immediate entry-level employment in the IT field in roles such as Computer Field Technician, Computer Hardware Technician, and Computer & Network Support Technician.

At Asher, students learn the comprehensive knowledge and fundamental skills necessary for success in this growing field. Through required courses, including PC Support Level 1 & 2, Windows OS, Introduction to Networking, and Advanced Networking Level 1, students learn a variety of marketable skills and prepare for important industry certifications. In the Windows OS course, students learn to deploy, configure, secure, manage and monitor Microsoft devices and client applications. The introductory and advanced networking courses teach students network and security protocols, including how to design and implement functional networks, as well as how to configure, manage and maintain network devices, support the creation of virtualized networks, and troubleshoot network problems. Additionally, students take required Career Success and Advanced Career Development courses, which teach the professional and employment preparation students need to move into their new careers after graduation.

Asher College is a CompTIA Academy Partner, and the program prepares students with the skills to test for important CompTIA and Microsoft certifications. CompTIA certifications are known as foundational to an IT professional’s career, and employers value these industry certifications. This program prepares graduates for the CompTIA A+ Certified Technician certification exams, the CompTIA Network+ exam, and contains one of two courses needed to earn the Cisco CCNA certification.

Asher’s Fundamentals in Network and Computer Systems Administration is offered in a Hybrid format. Students complete the majority of their coursework online and come to campus to meet with faculty, attend lectures, participate in hands-on training, work on the course material, or complete exams. Our most successful students come to campus approximately three days a week for hands-on training and in-person instruction. If you are new to the industry and want extra hands-on instruction, we welcome you to come to campus to get even more supervision and practice!

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A Degree is Easy as 1, 2, 3

Students who start in the Fundamentals program can easily transition into the full Network and Computer Systems Administration program. These students take two additional courses and will prepare to obtain two additional certifications, the CompTIA Security+, and the Cisco CCNA exam. Take your education one step further and earn your Associate of Applied Science (AAS) in Network and Computer Systems by adding six general education courses.

Transfer Credits

At Asher College, we realize time is money. If you already have valid industry certifications or credits from another college, bring us your transcripts during the enrollment process and we will determine what might transfer into the program. If you are already working in your field and want to “challenge” a course prior to beginning a program, we are happy to help you explore that option too.

Dallas Campus

Asher College’s Dallas Campus opened in 2012, and its graduates are now employed throughout the Dallas region. We provide classroom and hands-on training experience that focuses on the skills identified by our Dallas advisory board made up of local Dallas employers.

Vocational College

When you choose Asher College in Dallas for your education and training, you will join the many Asher alumni currently employed in and around the region.

Trade School

As a student in Dallas at Asher College, you will have access to our facilities and resources, personalized instruction from experienced faculty, and the support of staff and fellow students, and as a graduate of Asher College, you will be positioned for numerous employment opportunities.

No High School Diploma? Asher College Can Help!

Want to enroll in Asher College but don’t have a high school diploma or GED? Earn your high school diploma on our campus so you can gain the credentials you need to enroll at Asher College.


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Market-Driven Education

We have an advisory board that helps shape our curriculum. This allows us to alter the curriculum based on recommendations from employers who hire our graduates.

Classes Start Every 2-4 Weeks

Don’t wait around to enroll — our courses begin every 2-4 weeks so you can start your program as soon as you’re ready. Begin your path to a new career quickly with Asher College.

Personalized Attention

We’re a small college, which makes Asher feel like an extended family. Each instructor and faculty member will get to know you by name and help you along the way.

I visited five different schools before I chose Asher because I figured Asher was the perfect fit. My favorite class at Asher would have to be Career Success... If you have the chance to go to Asher, do it!

- Daylene Perry, Medical Records Specialist

Get Real-World Experience – PC Repair Clinic

Get first-hand practice and job preparation with our PC clinics. Asher College hosts a PC clinic every week onsite, where free repairs are offered to the community. This gives you a chance to see how you would deal with various situations while on the job. You’ll feel confident and capable when you’re able to successfully make PC repairs by yourself.

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