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6 Reasons You Should Consider a Career in Information Technology (IT)

Do you have a knack for computers? Are you a natural problem solver? If so, a career in IT might be the right path for you! Here are 6 reasons you should consider a career in IT:

  1. Computers are everywhere! Computers are part of everything we do. They’re used in schools, by the government, in retail stores, at banks, and by almost every modern day business. People are increasingly plugged into their devices and the internet. In the United States, people spend an average of 7.4 hours per day looking at digital screens including TVs, computers, smartphones, and tablets.1
  1. IT is essential to everyday life. Staying connected to the internet is critical for the daily operation of the business world. Computers are run by complex hardware and software that require the expertise of professionals. People rely on these experts to set-up networks, resolve connectivity issues, manage servers, and much more. The skills and know-how IT professionals have are highly valued.
  1. The knowledge is applicable to daily life. Being knowledgeable about computers is not only beneficial in the workplace, but in your daily life, too. Computers are used for almost everything from sending e-mails and paying bills to streaming movies and uploading family photos.
  1. There are many roles available. There’s a wide variety of roles you could have within the IT field. You could specialize as a Computer Specialist, Network Technician, Network and Database Administrator, and more.
  1. IT is constantly changing. The IT field is constantly evolving as new technologies, software, and applications are developed. IT professionals help navigate this world by performing updates, running diagnostics, and fixing glitches.
  1. IT is here to stay. No matter where you live, computers only continue to grow in importance. It’s becoming more difficult for the average user to troubleshoot problems. That’s where you come in! With a career in IT, you could be the expert that people rely on.

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