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Asher College: A Good Choice for Military Spouses

At Asher College, we take pride in supporting our nation’s veterans and military families. We are proud of our programs that are designed to support veterans, but we know those who serve are not the only ones who sacrifice. Asher recognizes the sacrifices made by the spouses and families that support those service members. Military spouses and families must often move frequently, and this can make it difficult for them to obtain the education they desire or maintain employment in a career they truly care about. Research shows that 85% of military spouses want or need to work. They also want to have fulfilling careers that can follow them as they move. Asher College is committed to serving these military spouses, and we facilitate scholarships specifically designed to assist military spouses in reaching their education and career goals. Read on to learn more about Asher College, and why we are a great choice for military spouses!

In recognition of the need to provide support and assistance to military spouses in reaching their education and career goals, the U.S. Department of Defense established a program called Spouse Education and Career Opportunities (SECO). SECO offers comprehensive coaching, information, tools and resources to support military spouse career exploration, education, training and licensing, employment readiness and career connections. The SECO program aims to increase military spouses’ education and career opportunities, and the support military spouses’ ability to expand their portfolios, receive equitable pay, increase their transferable skills and find the careers that matter to them. An important part of the SECO program is the My Career Advancement Account (MyCAA) scholarship, in which eligible military spouses may receive up to $4,000 of tuition assistance. 

Asher College is proud to participate in the My Career Advancement Account (MyCAA) scholarship program for military spouses who qualify. The MyCAA scholarship, enables military spouses to receive tuition support in pursuing licenses, certifications, or the Associate’s degrees necessary to gain employment in high-demand, high-growth portable career fields and occupations. Asher College, with locations in Sacramento, California; Las Vegas, Nevada; and Dallas, Texas, is a career-training college with a mission to prepare students for these in-demand careers. Asher offers several different Associate of Applied Science Degrees and Certificate programs for careers in Information Technology, Administrative Health Services, Pharmacy, and Business Administration. 

In order to qualify for the MyCAA scholarship, Asher College had to apply and meet the Department of Defense’s requirements. To participate, schools must be accredited nationally or regionally by an agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education. Asher College is accredited through ACCET, the Accrediting Council for Continuing Education and Training. Accreditation is a guarantee that the training and education you receive meet national standards, and the programs in which you are enrolled meet industry standards. 

Veterans, current service members, and military spouses have earned our respect and our support, and at Asher, we are dedicated to serving them. We offer a range of veterans education benefits, but if you are a military spouse with the motivation and desire to pursue a new career, the MyCAA scholarship may be a great option for you! In order to be eligible for the MyCAA scholarship, the military spouse must be a high school graduate, and their spouse’s current military standing must meet the requirement. To determine your eligibility, and to view a comprehensive list of which expenses are covered under the My Career Advancement Account Scholarship program, visit the MyCAA Fact Sheet. For a complete list of resources and information, visit the MyCAA website

As you take the next step towards pursuing your education and training, know that Asher College is here to help. Call us ar 888-211-8829 or Book a virtual or on campus tour  to speak to a dedicated Admissions Representative who can walk you through every step of the enrollment process, answer all of your questions about Asher College and our career training programs, and connect you with any DoD resources you need to secure your SECO program benefits. You and your family have served our country, and we want to support you in your next steps as you pursue your career dreams. You can make it happen with Asher College!