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Asher College Graduate Felt Right at Home

Jacob Palacios has always had a strong interest in technology. Ever since he was very young, he was always good with computers. As an adult he wanted a career with growth opportunities. Jacob wanted to get his life on track and Asher College was the place to do just that.

When he first graduated from high school, Jacob attended junior college, but he didn’t feel like it was the place for him. He wanted to get training and learn skills that he could apply to a career in the real world. He decided to enroll at Asher College because his brother, who also attended, had a positive experience. Cynthia, Admissions Specialist, helped him realize his true potential and understand what a career in IT (information technology) might really be like.

Jacob’s favorite part about Asher College was the culture. According to Jacob, joining the Asher College community “was like joining a family.” The staff was always there to help with any challenges he faced along the way. The most difficult part was “getting back into the school mindset.” He learned a lot and developed many skills, but he also was part of a “positive culture.” He was surrounded by people who cared about him and his future, and who “pushed and motivated” him. He truly enjoyed his time at Asher College, and most of all, now he has a career.

He encourages anyone who wants to change their life and go back to school to put in 100 percent and “ask for help when you need it.”

Jacob graduated from Asher College in December 2014 with an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree in Computer Network Technology. He currently works as a Support Technician for Icontrol Networks in Redwood City, CA. He still keeps in touch with the Asher College community and even stops by the campus once in a while.

Do you want to start on the path to a career? Jacob found his niche in the Computer Network Technology program. At Asher College, you can choose from all sorts of programs in IT, business, or healthcare. Find what suits you and choose from one of our convenient locations. Fill out the form on this page for more information.