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Asher College Success Story – Jawaad Usmanyar

Jawaad Usmanyar is living the American dream. After he graduated high school, he and his family moved to the United States from Afghanistan in 2018.

“Because of the situation in Afghanistan and our circumstances, we decided to move to the U.S. for a better future,” Jawaad said. “Ever since I moved here, I began to grow.”

In September 2018, Jawaad began his college education at Asher College studying information technology. Since he was a young boy, Jawaad knew he wanted to work with computers.

“Computers was my passion, my dream job from childhood,” said Jawaad. “I began building computers when I was 9 or 10 years old. I knew that is what I wanted to do in my career.”

Jawaad began researching colleges and found Asher College. He said the combination of receiving a degree and obtaining computer certifications drew him to Asher.

“In the IT world, managers are looking for employees who are certified. Certifications proves to the employer that you have the knowledge – you know about the system, you know about the vendor, and you know how the technology works,” said Jawaad. “It was an advantage for me to be able to work toward my degree at the same time as obtaining my certifications,” he said.

Jawaad also praised Asher College for the various resources available for students.

“When I was preparing for my certification exams, the instructors shared their knowledge and their experiences,” he said.  “Plus, Asher College has a clinical technician lab for students who are new to the industry to work together and learn hands-on and get experience to help prepare them for their career.”

In August 2020, Jawaad graduated with an Associate of Applied Science in Computer Information and obtained several IT certifications from CompTIA, Microsoft, and Cisco. After graduation, he began a career as a network administrator for a non-profit organization. Recently, he accepted a promotion as network administrator II, or network engineer, for a medium-sized company. He oversees the networking and security for five sites.

Jawaad hopes to further his career in networking and securities. He has obtained further certifications in Palo Alto Networks and is currently studying for his Cisco CCNP security certification and GIAC Penetration testing. He is also continuing his education in Digital forensic and investigation in the CyberSecurity Industry.

Jawaad said his experience at Asher College was so great that he recommended the college to his brother. His brother is currently studying business administration at Asher College.

“The instructors at Asher College are so informative and helpful. Whenever you have a problem, they are there to help you out. The entire Asher team is happy to assist you,” said Jawaad. “That is what I love about Asher College.”