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Develop a Career Approach for the Summer

Many college semesters are coming to a close, high school students are wrapping up their year and everyone is looking to work full-time. This affects the market more than most will realize this summer. For many, the job search has taken 1-2 years and hearing that the job market is about to be flooded with more candidates can be discouraging. Despite the number of candidates or where each one is at in their career, many organizations are looking for the RIGHT candidate. You need to develop a specific plan of action, structure it, practice it, and then go and get it!

Many of us are discouraged after hearing “No” for so long. To be honest when we “spray and pray” the job market, that is exactly what we get – negative responses. If you tell any potential employer you will take anything and can do it all…how are they supposed to get an understanding of where to really put you? They have specific jobs, with specific skillsets, and specific requirements. You need to professionally communicate to them what you want –clearly and precisely.

Having bills that need to be paid yesterday can take its toll on our mindset. Our mindset in turn impacts how we as candidates present ourselves to organizations. If you are beat down by the hiring process and the job market, then it is common that depression, frustration, anger, and spite typically follow. When that mindset appears, it impacts your facial expressions, your body language, and your tone of voice. Start by learning what environment would be best for you, things you would like to do, or places you would like to live. At this point, you can narrow your target employer, saving yourself time, money, and negative energy that is unnecessary to your mental health, which is probably now affecting your physical health.

At Asher College, we develop a positive mindset and assist you in developing what you want, helping you unleash your true career potential:

  • If you could write your own job description what would it include?
  • How far do you want to travel? Do you want to leave the state or country?
  • Do you want an organization that trains their staff?
  • What benefits do you need or prefer?
  • Would like to run your own company? How would you start it?
  • What are your skillsets and experiences worth in salary?
  • Are you a leader or a follower? How do you develop a leadership approach?

At Asher College, we will help develop that employee mindset, a leadership style of your own, and then begin to target the types of industries and companies you want to join. The answers to these questions are not easy to reach, and that is the hardest part of the process that we focus on to build you and your career up from the ashes.

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