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Education Opens The Door To Your Future

In pursuing my education there have been ups and downs like any student experience is. Taking 15 years to complete my undergraduate, the school experience was not feeling beneficial as pieces were missing. Staff and faculty perception was careless, classmates did not have the drive to put forth effort and became contagious to myself and own attitudes. When returning my senior year a staff member had commented how their job …”was a government job, a guarantee position for him and whether he provided good service or not to students they will still come and line up for any help they can get from him.” Discouraged by this comment, I worked toward earning a master’s degree in education to put myself in a position to change this way of thinking and acceptance. So my decision to return to school and begin a doctoral degree is a personal one to allow myself opportunities professionally to change the mentality I disagree with. I believe it is the service, we as educators, need to excel at in order to make a difference in our community.
Currently I am the Director of Career Services at Asher Career Institute in Addison, Texas. I have been working in higher education going on now 11 years and know I am prepared for what is to come in my life. The experiences and education in the past have impacted my character and everyday processes to which I push hard each day to create new opportunities to our students.
So tell me your goals, your experiences, and your comments here of what you hope Asher can do for you?