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Graduate and IT Instructor, Bruce, Embraces the Asher College Community

Bruce Alexander has always loved computers and IT. Before joining the Asher College community, Bruce worked for Hewlett-Packard (HP). He decided to go back to school because he wanted to get a deeper understanding of the “language.” He also needed certifications and a formal skill set to really excel in his career.

Bruce chose Asher College for its selection of programs and schedule flexibility. He said that Asher College, perfectly “fit what he was looking for.” He enjoyed the atmosphere, flexibility, and curriculum. When Bruce first started, he was surprised by the immense campus support he had and the focus around education for adults. Instructors lay out the course expectations and teach you a unique set of skills, but you also have the opportunity to attend morning, afternoon, or evenings.

When the opportunity presented itself to become an instructor at Asher College, Bruce didn’t hesitate. He dived right in and his professional life transformed. In the corporate world, he worked on big projects for years, but with no real end results. As an instructor, he helps students improve their lives. He helps them reach the “aha moment,” and most of all, he gets to see them walk across the stage at graduation. Bruce said it’s “rewarding to help students achieve their goals.”

Asher College is a place where Bruce feels at home. He has lifelong friends who also went through the program with him, who he bonded with. He even has friendly competition with many of his former classmates about the latest gadgets and hardware they use.

Going back to school isn’t always easy, but Bruce has a supportive family who helped him along the way. His wife, Yordanos, understood what he needed to do to be successful. She worked while Bruce focused on finishing his education. As a programmer, Yordanos truly understands what it takes to make it in the industry, and for that, Bruce is very thankful.

Bruce loves to embrace new technology. He hopes to continue this passion in all his future endeavors. Bruce knows from experience that if you want to get an education, you have to jump “all in with both feet.” You need to manage your time well and “do the legwork.” It’s not always easy, but the staff and instructors at Asher College truly care. They share your passion and want to do everything they can to help you achieve your goals.

Bruce graduated from Asher College in Sacramento, California. He has seen, firsthand, the community feel that Asher College offers. We have convenient locations and a variety of programs in high-demand fields including IT, healthcare, and business. Fill out the form on this page for more information.