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Meet Amber Bandy – Asher College Graduate

Amber Bandy is an Asher College success story. Amber attended Asher College in 2013 and graduated in 2014 from the Office Accounting Specialist program.

“Attending Asher College was an eye opener,” said Bandy. “It helped me understand what I really wanted and how I actually learn best. Asher really helped me grow.”

Amber’s goal was to work in an office, preferably in office administration. She previously attended a junior college immediately after graduating from high school. After a year, she decided it wasn’t the best fit for her, but didn’t want to give up her hope of graduating college. She had heard about Asher College and decided to pursue that opportunity.

“I had heard of people who have received their certifications and associate degrees at Asher College and ended up having the careers that they wanted by the time or soon after they graduated,” said Bandy. “That really appealed to me. I wanted more career choices and more opportunities available to me,” she said.

Amber said the environment at Asher was more to her liking. She appreciated the individualized pace and the ability to “go with your own flow” so she wouldn’t get bored and lose focus. She liked the flexible schedules and the constant support and help that was available.

“Instructors were always willing to help you and there were workshops and lectures if you needed something extra,” she said. “They helped motivate us to focus on working hard and meeting our goals.”

“The other college was too traditional; too similar to high school. It felt detached and rigid,” said Bandy. “Asher was more flexible with a more community feel. And I was able to learn what I wanted to learn that would actually help me in my future career.”

While attending Asher, Amber had an interview arranged at an accounting firm. Shortly after, she gained employment at the firm as an administrative assistant. She has furthered her career and currently works as an Appeals and Grievances Coordinator for Blue Shield of California.

“Having my office and Microsoft certifications really set me apart from other candidates,” said Bandy. “Employers are looking for people who have certain computer skills and my certifications makes them more confident in my abilities. They have made me successful.”