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Meet Christina Collins – Asher College Graduate

Christina Collins is an Asher College success story.

Christina attended Asher College from May 2015 until her graduation in November 2016. Christina earned her Associate of Applied Science degree in Medical Billing and Coding. She is now a Certified Medical Coder for a large medical group.

Previously, Christina worked for more than 20 years in direct marketing. Christina thought she was going to stay in this career until she retired. However, due to company acquisitions and restructuring, her position was eliminated. She applied for and received job offers for positions in her field, but found that even with all her experience, they were paying a third to a half less what she was previously making. She knew she needed to make a change.

“I went to a job fair and was approached by Asher College. They gave me information about their programs and I made the decision to go back to school,” said Collins. “I was ok with changing careers, going to school and getting my degree. I knew I would make less starting off, but that I could eventually get back to where I was.”

Christina decided to enroll in the medical billing and coding program at Asher College.

“I have always had an interest in the medical field,” said Collins.” “I considered other careers, but I wanted something that would always be in high demand. I knew there would always be a need for medical coders.”

Christina said she felt very comfortable at Asher College. She said the program and curriculum “peaked her interest.”

“I don’t do well in traditional classroom environments,” said Collins. “I need more individual, hands-on training. At a traditional college you are stuck with set class schedules. Asher College really fit my learning style.”

Christina excelled at Asher and eventually became a student leader helping other students. She said the instructors were “phenomenal and very supportive.” They helped her with her resume and helped secure her an externship that eventually turned into a paying job.

“I can’t say enough about the staff, the program and the resources that Asher College makes available to help you succeed,” she said.

Christina was asked to give a commencement address at graduation. During her speech, Christina spoke to the fears and anxieties she experienced going back to school after many years. But she looked into herself, found her confidence and succeeded.

“I made a commitment and a personal mission to myself that I would ace every course as well as pass the Certified Professional Coder exam on my first try. I held myself to a very high standard.

Not only did I succeed at acing every course and obtaining my Associates Degree, I passed my Certified Professional Coder exam (from the AAPC) on my first try. Willpower, determination and commitment are the reasons I could accomplish these things. Anyone can do anything they want to if they have willpower, determination and commitment.”