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Meet Dustin Stroud – Asher College Graduate

Dustin Stroud is an Asher College success story. Dustin attended Asher College in 2014 and graduated with an Associate’s degree in Accounting in January 2016. He has been working as an accounting clerk for The Delta King in Sacramento since November 2015.

Dustin took the time to share his experience.

Tell me about your work history.

Before the Delta King, I worked in retail for 10 years. I didn’t like my occupation, but I had limited choices at the time. So I decided to go to school. I had taken some previous courses, but nothing I wanted for a career.

Why did you decide to go back to school?

I wanted to improve my life and my financial situation. I wanted to open up my career possibilities and get the high-paying job I always dreamed of.

Since I was a kid, I always liked numbers and math. I have always been good at it. There were a lot of things that I wanted to be when I grew up, but accounting always stuck out for me.

Why did you choose Asher?

I started to look for schools and my friend recommended Asher to me. I checked them out and I really liked the atmosphere and how flexible the schedule was. I was working two jobs at the time, so the flexibility was really important. I also qualified for financial aid. It was a golden opportunity and I jumped on it.

Describe your experience at Asher.

I became friends with every student on campus within the first week of attending! Everyone was so warm, sensitive and empathetic towards others. Everybody – staff, teachers, students – stopped and said hi to me on my first day and they seemed really interested in me and my experiences.

The interaction between the students and instructors was perfect. The instructors showed they actually cared and were really helpful. They delved deep into student studies and assisted where they could. And the program was set at a good, steady pace. I was really comfortable with the curriculum and structure.

I was also a part of the student leadership team. I really enjoyed that program. It actually helped me with my office, clerical and people skills.

Do you feel the program helped prepare you for your current job?

Definitely, especially with some of the programs I learned. My manager was impressed that I was certified as an expert in QuickBooks. Asher also helped me get my job. One of the instructors knew of the job opening and encouraged me to apply. They also spoke to my manager on my behalf.

How do you like your job and accounting?

I love my job! I love accounting. It keeps me thinking. My father always said “a job is a job no matter what.” But if you can get a job that you want and love, all the better.

Any future goals?

I would like to start my own accounting firm, but I am taking it one step at a time.

Would you recommend Asher College?

I have recommended Asher already to some of my coworkers. One is interested in computer science and I told him about Asher’s program.

Anything you would change about Asher College?

Asher doesn’t need to improve on anything. They are perfect!