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Meet Nik Margulski – Asher College Graduate

Nik Margulski is an Asher College success story.

Prior to attending Asher College, Nik worked in information technology for more than two decades. His experience includes years as an IT consultant providing support and help desk services including computer coding, computer repair, networking and overseeing servers.

After a while, Nik realized he needed to go back to school to update his skills.

“Before Asher it had been 11 years since I had been to school. In IT that is a big jump. It is like the Model T compared to the Tesla car,” said Margulski.

Nik began attending Asher in 2011 and graduated in 2012. He completed 11 certifications including Microsoft, CompTIA and networking. Even with his experience and strong knowledge base, Nik felt his continued education at Asher was necessary.

“No matter how much somebody knows, there are always things to learn,” said Margulski.” Even though I already knew a lot and I went through some courses very quickly, there was stuff I learned that was important. And that extra knowledge bridged the gap.”

Nik learned about Asher through a local organization in which he was involved. He liked the hands-on training and the non-traditional “study at your own pace” versus traditional classroom setting.

“Different people learn at different speeds. I didn’t want to sit in a classroom and regurgitate a bunch of stuff that would bore me to death,” he said.

Nik said he felt the staff and instructors “cared more” than other colleges he attended. He said he liked that a student could walk up to instructors at any time and get one-on-one time with them instead of waiting to approach them in the classroom.

“Staff and instructors were always on-hand and willing to sit down with you, go through stuff with you and help you,” Margulski said.

As a student with considerable work experience, Nik said he also appreciated that the instructors at Asher had a strong knowledge base that extended further than textbook knowledge. He said he was able to discuss real-world IT scenarios and problems with them.

Currently, Nik is a partner at an information technology company called Xtechs which provides computer services and support to residences and businesses in the Sacramento area. Their services include security, networking and cloud hosting and back-up. Nik said his certifications at Asher not only increased his skills, but provide credibility with his clients.

“Certifications not only show that students have spent oodles of hours on schooling, but that they actually know a certain subject well enough,” said Margulski. “It shows that you are specialized and can do a specific task.”

Xtechs has five employees, two who are current Asher students. Nik said that as students of Asher College he “trusts that his employees will have the right foundation to build on.”

“If people want a good school with hands-on training and be able to learn and have people there to help you, I would recommend Asher versus any other college.”