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Meet Victor Benvenuto – Asher College Success Story

Shortly after graduating from Asher College, Victor Benvenuto moved to a new state and accepted a position teaching Information Technology (IT). But his current road to success was not a straight one. While IT was a “family business” with his uncle and two brothers working in the field, Victor took another route.

“I was a bit of a rebel,” Victor laughed.

Victor instead pursued a degree in business administration after graduating high school. He worked in sales and marketing in the real estate industry and for small businesses. But IT always drew his attention.

“I was always intrigued with IT. It was always something in the back of my mind. I wasn’t completely satisfied with what I had accomplished, and I knew I wanted something more,” said Victor.

“I knew that IT was always going to grow and was an industry that would never go away. I wanted more from life; I wanted a change. I love computers, so that was my main drive to make a career change,” he said.

With some computer education, some self-taught knowledge, and a little computer experience in previous jobs, Victor accepted a position working as a level 1 help desk. After working for a couple of years, Victor knew it was something he liked and wanted to further his career. He knew he needed to go back to school.

“I didn’t have the education to back me up. I didn’t have the certifications to enhance my career,” said Victor. The IT field is competitive, and even with the current job growth market and the increased need for IT, companies still need you to have basic certifications.”

“Programs are expensive, equipment is expensive, so companies want you to have that initial basic knowledge. I needed these certifications to get better positions, higher pay grades, etc. That was my primary interest, and to get my degree in IT,” he said”

Victor began researching colleges. After interviewing colleges and meeting with staff and instructors, he chose Asher College.

“Affordability was important, and I really liked the fact that Asher College was accredited,” said Victor. “But what really stuck out for me was the feeling of support I received.”

Victor began in October 2019 right before the Covid-19 pandemic. He said it was a “bit rough” as a lot of facilities were not open, and a lot of classes were virtual. “It was a crazy time…is a crazy time…but my focus and the support from the staff and teachers at Asher College helped me through it,” he said.

Victor said he appreciated that Asher College was flexible, and he was able to complete some courses at his own pace. He liked that Asher College offered additional classes, seminars, and resources for their students. He also said that he appreciated that staff and professors were always available. He said through text message or email he could get a response from instructors in minutes, even during off-hours.

“Sometimes I would reach them on the weekend, and I would apologize, and they would say, ‘No that is ok. We got you.’ I felt very supported and that made a difference.” he said.

After completing his certifications, Victor continued to get his associate’s degree. He graduated in early 2021. After graduation, he was trying to figure out what career he wanted to pursue. “The career classes really helped open a whole different mindset for me; understanding people, gaining social and career skills, and visualizing things. It really helped me gain confidence and see myself…measure myself,” said Victor.

It was during these classes that Victor realized he might enjoy teaching IT. Fortunately, shortly after graduation, a recruiter called inviting him to interview for an IT teaching position. In August 2021, he was offered and accepted the position. He says his experience at Asher College helped prepare him for his new career.

“I take a lot of the things I learned at Asher and the techniques from instructors and apply them in my classroom,” he said. “I’m grateful for what I learned and for this opportunity. I wouldn’t have achieved this success if it wasn’t for the support and mentorship I found at Asher College. It was life-changing.”

Victor is thankful of his experience and encourages people looking to further their education to consider Asher College.

“Thank you to all the staff at Asher College…the administration, the IT professors, the career development team, and Campus Director Josh Paulsen. You are all truly making a difference in students’ lives.”