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How Do I Pay for School?

An education at a quality career college can improve your life in many ways. But, quality career training comes at a cost. Here’s how you can pay for your education:

Through your Future Earnings

When you put money toward your education, you set yourself up for a bright future. An associate’s degree can offer a positive return on your investment in your own education. More and more people choose to get their associate’s degree to get on a faster, less expensive career path. Associate’s degree jobs currently have the highest projected growth rate compared to jobs requiring other types of degrees.1 If you pursue a career in a high-demand field such as IT, healthcare, or business, your salary could offer a positive return.2 For example, computer network support specialists make the list of top positions that offer a positive return on investment.3


Create a budget and stick to it. Staying within budget isn’t always easy, but it’s necessary when financing your education. Calculate the amount of money you’ll need each month to pay for regular expenses such as bills and groceries. Be sure to plan for the unexpected such as car repairs. Leave room in your budget for fun, personal spending like going to the movies. With a plan in place, you can prevent excessive spending, reduce debt, and pay for your education.

Save, Save, Save!

Just like any expense, you should save whenever you can. Put money aside each month that you can put toward your tuition, books, or even your commute. Save your loose change. Every penny counts!

Apply for Financial Aid

Some career colleges and programs offer financial aid to students who qualify. Discuss your options with an admissions specialist.

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