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Start Your Path Toward a High Demand Medical Career

With Baby Boomers aging and Millennials having children, the demand for skilled healthcare workers is on the rise. Pair this with the passing of the Affordable Care Act, and the need for more medical professionals will continue on through the decade.

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the healthcare industry is projected to be amongst the fastest-growing industries in the economy. They estimate a 26 percent growth between 2012 and 2022. This is an increase of about 4.1 million healthcare jobs in ten years.

And many of these careers require only a certificate or associate degree. In two or less years, a student could learn the important skills and earn the necessary certification to work in a hospital, clinic or nursing center; in the office of a doctor, dentist or chiropractor; or for an insurance company.

Asher College offers students the opportunity to obtain numerous certificates in the health service programs of medical billing and coding, medical records, health information and pharmacy tech (only in Sacramento). Asher College also offers two Associate of Applied Science degrees – one in Medical Billing and Coding (AAS MBC) and the other in Health Information (AAS HI).

According to BLS, in 2014, Medical Records and Health Information Technicians (which includes coders) earned an annual mean salary ranging from about $34,000 to about $50,000, based on the industry.

Below is a list of in-demand healthcare occupations and their annual mean salary, as reported by and the American Association of Professional Coders. These careers can also serve as stepping stones to supervisory, managerial and professional-level career opportunities. All of these occupations and more can be obtained from certificates and degrees awarded by Asher College.

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For more information on starting your path toward a high-demand medical career, visit Asher College’s website or one of its convenient campus locations.