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Take your education to the next level – Get an Associate’s Degree

Asher College is known for offering hands-on career training and important, high-demand certifications. But did you know they also offer accredited and applied associate degree programs? For about six additional months of study, an Asher student can take their program to the next level and graduate with an associate degree.

Asher College currently offers seven associate degree programs in Information Technology, Business, and Health Services. Students receive specialized technical skills in their chosen emphasis and essential business management skills necessary for today’s workforce. Students acquire skills in business communications, management and critical thinking, among others, and have the opportunity to achieve gainful employment or advance in their chosen career.

Students who continue onto the associate degree program achieve “double success” according to Juanita Cox-Burton, Professor of the Associate of Applied Science Degree Program for Asher College. In addition to receiving important certifications in information technology, accounting, health services or business, they receive an advanced degree in soft skills that resonate with employers, she said.

“Employers know what it takes to get a degree or certificates,” said Cox-Burton. “They know a graduate is a professional who is determined to succeed. An education opens doors, it boosts your self-confidence, your self-esteem and more importantly, it earns you respect and more money.”

According to, those with an associate’s degree can earn a starting median salary of almost $40,000 and build to a median salary of more than $60,000 a year.  This is about $10,000 – $14,000 more a year than someone with only a high school diploma. And those with an occupational or technical degree can earn more. According to, students with an occupational or technical associate’s degree earn thousands more per year compared to students with a non-occupational associate’s degree.

Juanita encourages anyone who wants to continue their education to come talk to someone at Asher College. She encourages everyone to always continue learning.

“I’m an Asher College Staff member and at Asher College we don’t just tell you something, we give you the tools you need to make it happen,” said Cox-Burton. “We offer an opportunity of a lifetime for people who either chose not to continue their education or attempted to complete their education but didn’t. We offer them an opportunity to get a degree as well as certificates and have a success rate that exceeds those who did not continue their education. We offer them the opportunity to make more money or start a new career and be successful.”

For more information on Asher College and the programs they offer, visit their website or one of their convenient locations.