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Tips for Job Interview Success

Few things are as nerve-racking as a job interview. Placing yourself in front of another person or persons to be judged and evaluated is stressful at best. But the ultimate reward of a new job or career is worth the pressure. And being adequately prepared can help make the entire process much less painful.

Asher College offers a variety of career services for its students, including providing mock interviews several times a year. Students have the opportunity to practice their interview skills with professionals and prospective employers to be more prepared.

Below are some important tips to remember before and during the big day.

  1. Research the organization/company. Get to know its mission, purpose and philosophy. Read recent news about the company. Be sure to also research the position you are interviewing. Understand the job description and qualifications required to be able to demonstrate how you meet their needs.
  2. Research the interviewer(s). If you know the name of the person(s) you’ll be interviewing with, research their LinkedIn profile or Google them to learn more about their professional journey. Learning about their current position, their professional experience and the causes they care about can help you build a better rapport and create better questions to ask during the interview.
  3. Familiarize yourself with your skills, experiences and accomplishments. Even though you think you will remember everything you put on your resume or cover letter, it is easy to forget key information you will want to share.
  4. Prepare a written list of possible questions and practice answering them. Asher’s mock interviews are great avenues for this. Also think of questions you will want to ask the interviewer. We don’t mean questions about salary or benefits, but rather thoughtful questions about the company, performance expectations, departmental leadership structure and management style, etc.
  5. Be professional and confident. Dress to impress and arrive early. Shake hands firmly and keep eye contact throughout the interview. Smile and speak clearly and with enthusiasm. How you present yourself can be as important as the content of your conversation.
  6. Bring additional copies of your resume, your professional references and any relevant work samples.
  7. Be sure to thank the interviewer(s) and ask them for business cards. Remember to send thank you note or emails after the interview.

For more information, contact Asher College to learn about their variety of career services and to schedule time during their mock interviews.