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Top 4 Skills Every Office Administrator Needs to Have

An office environment is the perfect place to kick start your career. In an office, you can network with other professionals, learn how a business operates, and polish your skills. Businesses, large and small, depend on office administrators to keep daily operations running smoothly. Every office administrator needs to have these 4 skills:

  1. Organization

To be successful in an office setting, strong organizational skills are a must have. Practice these skills in your everyday life. Make to do lists, prioritize your projects, and mark your calendar with deadlines and important dates. Good organization allows you to pay attention to the details, follow a filing system, maintain records, and proofread thoroughly.

  1. Communication

Both verbal and written communication are essential to the daily operations of any business. Speak professionally and ask questions. Keep the lines of communication open with your colleagues, supervisors, and customers.

  1. Business etiquette

A career college can help you learn proper business etiquette. Every office administrator should practice good phone and email manners. Having a professional conversation over the phone is a necessary skill. Use the proper company greeting when you answer a phone call, speak clearly, and allow longer pauses. Since office staff primarily communicate through email, understanding the best business practices is important. Insert a professional company signature and use accurate subject lines to avoid emails ending up in the recipient’s spam folder.

  1. Computer

As an office administrator, you’ll need to know computer basics. Working knowledge of programs like Microsoft Office will help you format presentations and edit spreadsheets. Get to know the ins and outs of commonly used email programs such as Microsoft Outlook. Speedy typing and familiarity with keyboard shortcuts will help you work more efficiently.

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