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Want to Jump Start Your Career? Asher College Has the Tools For You

Choosing to begin or continue your college education is one of the most important and life-changing decisions you can make. Choosing the right school is equally significant. What sets Asher College apart from the rest is not only the dedication of its staff and faculty to its students while in school, but their determination to see their students succeed in the real world. Asher offers a wide assortment of career services to help their students succeed both inside and outside its walls.

From day one, Asher College students begin their journey toward student and career success. Asher College employs a Career Services department who assist students and graduates visualize their career goals and provide the tools necessary to achieve them. Some of the services Asher College provides for its students are:

  • Individualized career advising
  • Resume building workshops
  • Career success and Advanced Career Development classes
  • Effective study tips
  • Interviewing skills and mock interviews
  • Career and job search techniques
  • Career fairs and workshops

Asher has built and maintained a powerful alumni network and solid connections with employers. These strong associations are one reason why Asher is able to recognize the local job demands in information technology, healthcare and business and the skills those employers require. Match this with its committed job placement assistance and Asher College can help graduates meet, and even exceed, their professional goals.

Don’t hesitate to take advantage of all Asher College has to offer. Be sure to check the department’s monthly calendar to view available career services and classes. And stay tuned for future blogs for more information on these invaluable services.

To learn more about Asher College visit its website or one of its convenient locations.