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Tips for Studying at Home

Asher Students Engage in Distance Learning 

While Schools Remain Closed

As we all practice social distancing and mitigation measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19, most students, including all Asher students, are now conducting their studies at home. Whether you are now taking your courses online, or through another method of distance learning, no doubt you are now doing your school work at home. Here we outline some of our best practices for studying at home, because while we work through this unprecedented time together, we will be working from our homes and from our computers.

  • Create a schedule that works for you

Let’s face it, when there’s no alarm clock, no bus to catch, no physical class to sit down in time for…. staying on task can become tricky. It is so important now to establish a routine that works for you, even if it’s not an exact “schedule.” You may be the kind of person that sets themself an alarm, eats breakfast and sits down to start the school day at 9 am on the dot. Or, you may be someone that sets a more casual pace. Whatever your style, lay a plan out for yourself. Each day plan to dedicate a set time to your studies, and structure your day accordingly. 

  • Make a space dedicated to your studies

In order to focus, spend time effectively, and get your best work done, you’ll need a dedicated space to study and complete your schoolwork. You may move around throughout the day, taking your laptop from couch, to desk, to your porch and back again, but you still need a desk or table space to lay out your papers, keep a calendar, any textbooks and other resources. Keep it well organized, and stocked with the materials you need. Avoid cluttering your space; this should be a space that is for school work only. 

  • Develop a system that keeps you organized

Whether you keep yourself organized with a digital calendar, an app on your phone, a daily planner or a good-old paper calendar, you need a system to keep track of assignments, due dates, and other important information. Now more than ever, you are responsible for keeping track of important dates and making sure to complete assignments and tasks on time. Choose a calendar system that works for you and keep it up to date and current, so you always know exactly what is due and when.

  • Know your technology 

Most of us are now using computers to complete a large share of our coursework. No matter what your program of study, you are now using a computer for emails, communication, video meetings, and sharing documents. It is critical that you understand the technology you are using so that you can use it effectively. If you need help, reach out- there are many tech resources available to you, including Asher’s own PC clinic team! Get comfortable with your computer, email and video meeting apps, because we will all be using them more and more!

  • Stay connected with teachers and classmates

You may be studying at home on your own, but you are not alone in your studies! Just as before, you have a dedicated teacher and a classroom community that care about you and are here to share with you and work with you. Take advantage of all opportunities to connect with your teachers and classmates, both through formal online class meetings and discussion boards, and also on your own through email, texting, social media sites and more. While we all work through this individually, we are also working through it together, and your Asher community is here for you. So while you work through your coursework, reach out to your community and stay engaged with each other. Maintaining our connections to each other will make all of this more bearable. 

We at Asher want to take this opportunity to tell you that we are here for our students, and we are so proud of how the Asher community is rising to this challenge. Many of us are new to distance learning, and there are many new things to learn and sometimes there are obstacles to overcome. Visit for more information about resources available to you, or click here for information specific to how Asher is responding to COVID-19. If we do our part by doing our work at home, and we remain dedicated to our studies and committed to reaching our career goals, then we can use this time as an opportunity to strengthen our study skills and invest ourselves even more fully in our future. Create structure for yourself, stay organized, and reach out to others for help or support. We are all in this together.