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Use Your IT Skills to Serve Your Community!

Asher College Partners with the Ticket To Dream Foundation

How would you like to be able to use your skills to serve your community? At Asher College, our mission is to train students for the careers that are in high demand in their own communities, so they can work where they want to live, and be of service to the communities they call home. Each of our three campuses strives to be a positive neighbor, and to give back to our community in any way we can. At Asher College – Sacramento, our Information Technology (IT) department partners with a great local community organization – the Ticket to Dream foundation. Read on to learn how you can gain desirable IT support and computer repair skills, with IT training from Asher College!

What is the Ticket to Dream Foundation?

The Ticket to Dream Foundation is dedicated to creating hope and opportunity for foster children across the nation, so they can just be kids. The Ticket to Dream Foundation believes that in order for foster youth to have the tools they need to succeed in school, access to computers and school supplies is critical. 

What is the Ticket to Dream Foundation’s Laptops for Success program?

When the COVID pandemic hit, the digital divide deepened. During the pandemic, it was estimated that less than 60% of foster youth had consistent access to a computer. The Ticket to Dream Foundation felt it was more important than ever to get laptops into the hands of kids to ensure they could access classes during remote distance learning. The organization made it their mission to support as many foster youth as possible by distributing thousands of refurbished laptops. Through a partnership with Asher College – Sacramento, the Laptops for Success mission was made possible. 

How Does the Ticket to Dream Foundation’s Laptops for Success Program Work?

In order to fulfill their mission, Ticket to Dream turned to Asher College for support, and launched a partnership with the school’s Information Technology (IT) department. Asher College IT students perform the necessary work to prepare donated computers for redistribution, including wiping the hard drives clean of data and installing brand new software. Each laptop also goes through a thorough cleaning process and receives a new decal to cover up any scratches. Ticket to Dream then distributes the refurbished laptops to local foster youth. These laptops become a critical support tool for the youths, enabling them to complete homework and access online resources. During the pandemic, they were essential for accessing remote online classes.

Asher College values the opportunity to give back to the community and is proud to partner with the Ticket to Dream Foundation in this mission to support foster youth through access to laptops. Through this partnership, Asher College – Sacramento IT students are able to build job skills, gaining hands-on tech skills during the laptop refurbishment. All while helping hundreds of foster youth gain access to the computer they need to do well in school. It’s a perfect partnership!

Asher College offers several different IT programs*, including comprehensive Associate degree programs and shorter, more focused certificate programs. Asher College’s IT programs emphasize hands-on experience and first-hand exposure to the IT industry. Asher College’s programs also teach important interpersonal “soft skills” by showing students how to provide help and advice to people and organizations using computer software or equipment. IT programs at Asher College include: 

*Shorter certificate only programs are also available. 

Asher College – Sacramento’s IT department is proud to help our community by refurbishing over 1000 laptops for distribution by the Ticket to Dream Foundation. If you would like to be able to use your skills to serve your community, you can gain desirable IT support and computer repair skills with IT training from Asher College! To take the first step towards your career in Information Technology, visit or click here to contact Asher College today!

You Can Use Your Skills to Serve Your Community, with IT Career Training from Asher College!