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Brightwood College Students You Can ‘Reach the Finish Line’ and Complete Your Career Training, so You Graduate on Time

3 graduates wearing cap and gown smiling. Complete your career training at Asher College.
Get your Healthcare, IT, or Business career training at Asher – we’re happy to accept transfer students from Brightwood College

Finish Your Career Training At Asher College in Las Vegas, Dallas, or Sacramento

If you have been affected by the Brightwood College school closures, we can help you. We know that these school closures will impact your educational goals, and we don’t want you to lose time completing your program. At Asher, we are committed to assisting all students to ‘reach the finish line’ and complete their career training on time. We want to see you succeed, whether it’s at Asher or elsewhere.

The first step is to pick up the phone and call Asher to talk with an admissions advisor. They’ll show you all of your options and help you make a plan so you can transition your training to another school and graduate without delay.

Making the Transition Process Smoother for You

In stressful times everything can seem overwhelming. You may feel daunted and not know how to proceed. Take a deep breath; it’s going to be okay. Breaking it down into smaller steps and making a game plan can be helpful.

  1. A good first step would be to call an admissions advisor at Asher to talk about all of your options.
  2. The second step would be to create a transition plan with an advisor and discuss the avenues you could take. Even if you don’t enroll at Asher, you will know what you need to do to continue your career training and finish on time.
  3. If you’d like, the admissions advisor will work with you to see how far along in the program you were (at Brightwood) and assess how many transfer credits you can put towards your program at Asher. Asher is flexible with transfer credits and has historically been generous when granting transfer credits.

We want to give you a complete picture of what all of your options are. Our staff is committed to supporting you during this difficult time. We will work with you to build a transition plan so you can decide the next steps that you could take to complete your career training without interruption.

Perhaps You’ll Find Your New Alma Mater at Asher

You can stream into programs that apply to your area of study at each of Asher’s three campuses – Las Vegas, Dallas, and Sacramento. All three of our locations offer the Medical Billing and Coding and the Medical Records Specialist programs. You can take the Pharmacy Technician program in Dallas and Sacramento.

For IT programs you could stream into Information Technology in our Network Support Specialist program, which you can take at all three of our locations. Or, you could apply your credits towards the other IT programs that Asher offers. If you want to lean towards our Business programs, you can put your credits towards the Office Administrator program, or view our other Business Career programs.

Talk with an admissions advisor to learn which College credits you could apply to these programs.

New Beginning Means New Opportunities

The closing down of one school can mean new beginnings at another one. Don’t let the school closures discourage you; we want to see you achieve your career training and go on to pursue employment in your field without delay. Talk with an admissions advisor today – let’s make your future happen!

Talk to an Admissions Advisor – They’ll Help You Make a Transition Plan, so You Don’t Lose Time Completing Your Career Training, Regardless of if You Attend Asher or Not. Contact Us or Give Us a Call at [phone-link location=””].