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Can I Pursue Career Training Without a High School Diploma?

With Asher’s ECPP Program, You Can Earn Your High School Diploma AND Pursue a Career Training Program

The COVID-19 pandemic has been hard on students, and according to a recent CNN report, it has been particularly hard on high school students, as indicated by falling graduation rates. Some students were compelled to take jobs to make up for one lost by a family member, while others were needed to provide child care for their siblings. For these high school students, continuing their own studies became too difficult, and they were unable to finish high school and earn their diploma. Final statistics showing national dropout numbers for this school year haven’t yet been released, but anecdotal evidence from across the country shows steep declines in attendance, a rising number of failing grades, and shrinking enrollment (, 3/8/21).

Many students faced challenges over the last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. If you weren’t able to complete high school and earn your diploma, you still have plenty of options for your future! Even if you don’t have a high school diploma, you can still pursue career training. Asher College offers an Eligible Career Pathway Program (ECPP) which allows you to earn your high school diploma while working on your career training program at the same time! The ECPP program was designed for students who do not have a high school diploma or GED, but wish to enroll in a college or career training program for which it is a requirement. Students who enroll in the ECPP at Asher College will be enrolled to work towards their high school diploma through our partner high school, while concurrently enrolled in an eligible Asher career training program. Students maintain enrollment in both, take courses for both, and work to achieve both their high school diploma and their Asher program certificate program  at the same time. 

Students enrolled in the ECPP at Asher College can enroll in the following career training programs:


In order to enroll in the ECPP at Asher College there is only one requirement; take and pass an independently-administered, Department of Education-approved Ability to Benefit Assessment. The admissions advisors at Asher will help you through every step of this straightforward process. At Asher, our mission is to help you succeed, and we want to assist our students in overcoming any barriers they face when it comes to obtaining the career training they need to achieve a better life.

If you don’t have your high school diploma, the ECPP program could be the path towards your future! If you have a career goal, you can pursue a great career with training from Asher. Asher College, with campus locations in Sacramento, California, Las Vegas, Nevada, and Dallas, Texas, offers programs designed to prepare you for professional certification and immediate entry-level employment. And with Asher’s ECPP program, you can simultaneously earn your high school diploma and pursue your career goals. If you are ready to begin your career training, but don’t have a high school diploma or GED, contact Asher today. With Asher’s ECPP program, you can earn your high school diploma, and train for a new career!