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COVID-19 has created a global health and economic crisis, and in the United States the economy has spiraled into a free-fall, sending millions of Americans into unemployment. This economic instability has caused many to question their futures. Even if the COVID-19 crisis has not forced you out of your current job, you may be wondering if you are in the right line of work, or if there may possibly be a better career choice for your future. Asher College, with locations in Sacramento, California, Las Vegas, Nevada; and Dallas, Texas, is here to help you prepare for when the economy turns around. Asher offers degrees and professional certificates in the in-demand fields of administrative healthcare services, pharmacy technology, business administration, and information technology. Enroll in a career-training program with Asher now, and prepare yourself for when the economy rebounds. 

The COVID-19 global pandemic has been unprecedented in scope and impact. Virtually every industry has been impacted, and portions of the economy have ground to a complete halt. While some industries and careers have been deemed “essential,” and continue uninterrupted, others are at a standstill, waiting to see what their future will be. In a time of great uncertainty such as this one, it is easy to feel helpless. After all, what can any of us do as individuals to help the economy begin to turn around? Yet, the American economy will rebound, and that is why it is so important we prepare ourselves now

When businesses begin to reopen and the wheels of the economy begin to turn again, we will need our skilled, trained workforce. We can expect a mass hiring across multiple industries, creating an unprecedented opportunity for workers in many different fields. At Asher College, we train students for in-demand careers in administrative healthcare services, pharmacy technology, business administration, and information technology. Each of these industries can expect to see a significant uptick in hiring once the economy begins to recover. 

Since its founding, Asher College’s mission has been to train students for the careers that are in high demand in their communities. We recognize the importance of having skilled, well-trained workers in fields that are critical to the economy and our society. Asher offers several different programs that lead to professional certificates and/or degrees. Available programs include:

Asher College has remained open throughout the Coronavirus pandemic, serving our students through remote learning. Our instructors have worked hard to maintain continuity in our programs, and students have experienced little to no interruption in their programs due to COVID-19. Asher continues to enroll new students, and the summer semester will begin May 26 in Sacramento and Las Vegas, and June 1 in Dallas, as originally scheduled. All programs continue to be open to current and newly enrolled students.

Asher’s career training programs are designed to prepare graduates to be competent and effective in their chosen field. Whether you choose to pursue a path in administrative healthcare services, business administration, or IT, you can position yourself to be a highly desirable job candidate when the economy makes its rebound. Make yourself stand out from the crowd, with a degree or professional certificate from Asher College behind you. Accredited by ACCET, Asher College has been a leader in career training for over 20 years. Invest in yourself and your training with Asher now, so when the economy recovers, you’ll be ready for the rebound. Contact us today!