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During this unprecedented time we are all staying home, and many of us find ourselves with an abundance of time on our hands. Rather than binge watch Netflix or wear a hole in your couch, take advantage of this opportunity! Right now, you have the ability to invest in yourself and your career. Asher College is still enrolling for all programs, and all current Asher students are busy studying online and through distance learning. Why not you? You can take this time as an opportunity to begin your career training, so that when this is all over, you’ll be well on your way to a more rewarding career. Don’t just settle into a couch potato routine – invest in yourself, and your career, with Asher College.

Business may be slow now, but it won’t be forever. We will all get through this, together, and when we come out the other side our economy will get back to business as usual. When that happens, you want to be prepared. What better time is there to train for a new career? Asher College offers Associate of Applied Science degrees and certificate programs for careers in information technology, pharmacy, administrative health services, and business administration. Asher’s training programs prepare students for careers that are integral to the functioning of these important sectors of our economy. 

No one, especially in times like these, would dispute the importance of our essential healthcare workers. Asher offers training programs for important administrative healthcare careers, including Medical Billing and Coding, Health Information Specialists, and Medical Records Specialists. Healthcare professionals such as these are critical for maintaining a functioning, effective medical system. These days, administrative healthcare workers may be getting less attention than nurses and medical assistants, but the importance of these positions cannot be understated. These administrative healthcare professionals may not work directly with patients, but they have a direct influence on the quality and delivery of the vital healthcare services we all need. 

Asher also offers a Pharmacy Technician program to train students for essential healthcare careers in pharmacy technology. During COVID-19, pharmacy workers have continued to work as essential workers, providing the public with the medications they critically need. Asher College offers both a certificate/licensure program and an AAS degree program, which can be completed in as little as 45 weeks. With training from Asher you can enter these important healthcare careers, and position yourself as an essential medical worker in the future. 

Asher also offers career training for Information Technology workers. The demand for PC and network specialists is constant, and during this time of heightened online activity, computer technology specialists are in particular demand. Asher offers career training programs for computer and network technicians, IT network engineers, PC technicians, network support specialists, and other in-demand IT careers. Asher College offers you training in courses that give you the chance to get certified by CompTIA, Microsoft, and Cisco, and you can earn certifications throughout your program, so you can actually land a job and start working before you complete your training program! It’s a sure bet computer and network specialists will continue to be in demand in the weeks, months, and years ahead, and you can join this promising field with training from Asher.

Asher’s business programs are another great choice for people looking to start a new chapter during this time. Investing in yourself with training in business, basic accounting, and office administration is a wise choice, and Asher offers training programs for office accounting and office administration that can be completed in as few as 34 weeks. There is also a business administration degree program that can be completed in only 18 months. After the world gets back to business as usual, we will need many bright business and office professionals to get the wheels of the economy rolling again. You can be one of these important workers with training from Asher. Many of these skills can also help you gain knowledge that could allow you to work from home in the future, so don’t count out office and business professions when considering your career options.

It has been Asher’s mission from the very beginning to train students for careers that are in-demand, careers that are essential for our economy. We continue this mission even through difficult, uncertain times such as these. We are currently enrolling for all programs, and Asher College continues to provide the training our workforce needs for these important careers. Why not take this time you have as an opportunity? Prepare for your future by investing in yourself now. Begin a new training program in administrative healthcare services, business administration, pharmacy technology or information technology. Contact us to speak with an Admissions Representative about your options, or to take a virtual tour of our campuses. When you are ready to start investing in yourself and your future, Asher is here to help make your career goals a reality!