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Would you like to go back to school and finish what you started? If you attended school in the past, but did not reach your education or career goals, now is a great time to return to school! At Asher College, we specialize in training students just like you. Motivated students turn to us to realize their career dreams by transferring credits and applying them towards one of Asher’s great career training programs. Many of our students come to us with previous educational experience, and Asher welcomes transfer students and all of their experiences! Read on to learn how you can apply your past credits towards a certificate program or Associate’s degree program, and make your career goals a reality, with Asher College!

Asher College is a career training school with three campus locations: Sacramento, California, Las Vegas, Nevada, and Dallas, Texas. Asher offers certificate programs as well as Associate’s degree programs, for careers in the Medical, Business, and Information Technology fields. Our career-based programs are perfect for students who are motivated to get the training they need to quickly enter the job market. With Asher, you get focused and accelerated programs, so you can obtain the training you want without taking a bunch of courses you won’t need for success in your future career. Courses are hands-on, practical, and taught by professional faculty. Our goal is to give you the training you need to begin or advance yourself in a rewarding career path. 

We know there are many different reasons that students do not complete their programs. Maybe it was too difficult to juggle your full or part-time job with your course load. Or maybe you were too busy with family or caretaking responsibilities. Perhaps a medical or other emergency occurred with you or a close family member. Or maybe you were just not inspired enough by the program, teacher, or school to finish. Whatever the reason, if you took a break from your studies, we know that doesn’t mean you are not motivated and dedicated to pursue a better career. At Asher, we are here to help students just like you return to school and move into a stable well-paying career. 

If you began a course of study at another school, but did not complete your program, you can apply to transfer the credits you have earned towards an Asher program. Our friendly and helpful Admissions Representatives are here to help you determine which of your credits will transfer. Tell our Admissions Reps all about your story, your educational experience, and what you are hoping to achieve. They will discuss with you Asher’s transfer credit guidelines, and the team will evaluate how your past educational experience will transfer to our program requirements. If you have transcripts, great! If you do not, don’t worry – we will help you request them. If you have on the job experience we can even explore challenging a course prior to beginning your program to help you move into your new career even sooner. At Asher, we want you to know that regardless of how you come to us, and whatever your experience- whether in a traditional classroom, in the military, or as a worker in the job market – we will help you determine the best way to apply that experience towards the program of your choice. We value your experience, and we will help you apply that skill and knowledge to your future career.

Are you interested in a career in the medical field? If you have course credits in the medical field, you may be able to apply them towards our Medical Billing and Coding, Medical Records Specialist, Health Information Specialist  or Pharmacy Technician certification or degree programs.

Do you have experience in business or accounting? Asher offers training programs for Office Administration, Office Accounting, and Business Administration. You may be qualified to challenge a program requirement for courses such as Office Management or Microsoft Word. Or, build on what you know and take your skills to the next level by earning Microsoft Office Specialist Certifications through Asher’s programs. 

Is your experience in the IT field? In Asher’s Information Technology (IT) programs, you can transfer credits into one of the seven certification or three degree programs by submitting your transcripts or showing proof of valid certifications. In some cases, you can possibly even apply work experience as a prerequisite for programs like our Computer and Network Technician or our Associate of Applied Science in Computer Information. If you have “general education” courses under your belt, Asher also has generous Transfer of Credit options for those courses. Submit copies of your transcripts, and Asher’s Admissions Reps will work with you to identify if we can award credit for American Government, Introduction to Business, Math, or other General Education requirements. 

  At Asher, we are here to help you make your goals a reality. All of Asher’s career-based programs offer flexible scheduling, with day, evening and even Saturday classes to accommodate your busy schedule. With Asher, you will gain a community of support and access to comprehensive career services to help you continue your educational journey and reach your goals. What are you waiting for? Contact us today! You can make your career goals a reality, with training from Asher College!