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Career Success in the “New Economy”

Academic Skills, Life Skills, Employability, and Technical Skills

*** NEWSFLASH *** The world has changed since 1960. That’s probably no surprise to you. Almost everything about the world we live in has changed in the last 60 years. One significant change, which has caused ripples both throughout society and our economy, has been the shift to a “College For All” philosophy. In 1960, 34% of high school graduates enrolled in college after graduation. Today, that number has nearly doubled: 66% of high school graduates enroll in college immediately upon graduation. But is college the right choice for all of these future workers? Does a university education provide them with the skills they need to be successful in the workforce? According to Dr. Kevin J. Fleming, respected author and creator of the viral YouTube video “Success in the New Economy,” the answer is “No!”

The reality is only a quarter of those who enroll actually finish their Bachelor’s degree. And for most of these students, it is only when they complete their degree that they begin thinking about a career. It is then they discover their degree may not have prepared them for the world of work. The truth is, not every degree is direct preparation for employment. According to Dr. Fleming, it is this misalignment between academic degrees and job skills that causes half of university graduates to be underemployed in what are called “gray collar jobs” – positions that do not require the level of education they have received.

Conventional wisdom over the last 60 years has told us that a university degree guarantees a higher salary. However, with rising education costs, a shrinking job market, and the oversaturation of some academic majors in the workforce, this old advice is now a myth for the majority of students. The economy and the world have drastically changed; this is the “New Economy” Dr. Fleming refers to. A 2018 Harvard study found that in the “new economy” only 33% of jobs will require a 4-year degree or higher, while the overwhelming majority (57%) will be middle-skilled jobs, requiring technical skills and training at the credential or Associate degree level. 

According to Dr. Fleming, education combined with technical training is how you ultimately secure a competitive advantage in the new economy. Dr. Fleming notes that to be successful in today’s job market, you need to develop these four skills: Academic Skills; Life Skills; Employability; Technical Skills. It’s worth noting that a university education will truly only prepare you with academic skills. So how can you gain the life and technical skills that will make you employable? For students who are looking to develop a specific skill-set that will set them on the course towards rewarding employment, a career-based technical education is a great alternative to a traditional college. 

Focused and accelerated, career-based training is designed to provide you with the specific skills you need. With career training, you can gain the skills and knowledge you need to test for professional certification and obtain an entry-level position in your area of study. At Asher College, we specialize in career training for Healthcare, Business, and IT careers that are in high demand throughout the country, and our programs are specifically designed to prepare students for these in-demand careers in a short period of time.

Asher College, with campus locations in Sacramento, California, Las Vegas, Nevada, and Dallas, Texas, offers certification and Associate degree programs designed to prepare you for professional certifications and immediate entry-level employment. At Asher, you can train for the following careers in as little as four to eighteen months:

If you want to gain the knowledge and hands-on skills training you need for success in the “new economy,” technical career training could be a great choice for you! Asher College offers hands-on training, professional instruction, and career support services to put you on the path to a rewarding career in a short amount of time – much shorter than four years! Motivated students just like you come to Asher for career training that is comprehensive, focused, and accelerated. If you are ready to find success in today’s economy, contact us today! You can make it happen – with career training from Asher!


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