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Go Back To School This Fall, with Asher


It’s back to school time and you’re busy getting your kids ready. You’ve gotten their backpacks and schedules, and they’re all set to take the first step into a new school year. But what about you? What are you planning to do this Fall? Is it back to the same dead-end job you had before, or are you ready for something new? It’s not just their time, it’s your time too! Right now is a great time to invest in yourself, your education, and your training. Go back to school this Fall at Asher College, and get on your way to an in-demand career!

The last year has been difficult for everyone. We weathered the COVID-19 pandemic, bearing the weight of decreased work hours and even lost employment, all while taking on the responsibility of educating our kids while they were home distance learning. Now that the kids are headed back to school, what will you do? Will you go back to the same job you had before, if it still exists? Will you be able to find work in this changing landscape? If you’re not sure of the answer to these questions, it may be a good time to consider gaining new skills that can prepare you for a career that is not only interesting to you, but in-demand in today’s job market. At Asher, we offer certificate and degree programs to provide you with the skills and knowledge to pursue several in-demand careers.

Right now is a great time for you to go back to school too! Enrolling in a career training program can be the first step towards a more rewarding career, and a better future for you and your family. Career training is focused and accelerated, and is designed to provide you with the specific skills and knowledge you need to test for professional certification and obtain an entry-level position in your area of study upon graduation. Students like you come to Asher for quick, practical programs that will land them in a great industry fast.

Asher’s programs are designed to prepare you for professional certification and immediate entry-level employment. Asher has three campus locations: Sacramento, California, Dallas, Texas, and Las Vegas, Nevada, and offers training for the following careers:


If your kids are headed towards their next school year, and you’re wondering what’s next for you, career training could be a great next step! You deserve a career that you can be proud of, and that offers the opportunity for a better future for you and your family. Visit our website to browse the list of our career-training programs, or contact us here to speak to an Admissions Representative. You can gain the knowledge and hands-on skills training you need for a career that’s in high demand, with focused, accelerated career training from Asher College. If you are ready to figure out “what’s next” for you, contact us today! You can make it happen – with career training from Asher College!


*Program length at an accelerated pace.