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Technical Schools Offer an Alternative to Four Year Colleges


It’s Spring, and graduation will be here soon! If you are a high school senior, there is one question that is no doubt on your mind – “What’s next?” Graduating high school is a major rite of passage into adulthood – and, for many, into the workforce. If you are a high school senior contemplating your next step, you may be considering options such as college, an internship, or a gap year. But if you are motivated to get to work and start making money quickly after graduation, it’s important to know you have another option. Hands-on training at a technical school can teach you the skills you need to get started in a rewarding career, without having to wait four years!.

For high school seniors, or for anyone who is unsatisfied or underpaid in their current job, career training at a technical school could be a great option! Four-year universities just aren’t the right choice for everyone; Asher College offers hands-on training, professional instruction, and career support services to put you on the path to a rewarding career in a short amount of time – much shorter than four years! If you are a graduating senior, or anyone who is wondering “what’s next?”, a technical school such as Asher could be a great alternative to a traditional four-year college. 

High school seniors face a big decision – “What should I do with my life?” – and it’s not easy figuring out what that next step should be! If you grew up believing – or being told – that a four-year college degree is the one route to success, it can be difficult to see you have options. For many students, a traditional four year college isn’t the best or most realistic option. Many students simply don’t have the time or the money to invest in a university education. For others, a four-year college just isn’t the right fit. Rather than a wide-ranging education, some students would prefer a focused, condensed approach, where they take only the courses they need in order to learn the particular skills and knowledge set it takes to be successful in a specific career. 

If spending time and money on liberal arts courses or an intro to economics class doesn’t sound like the path to your future career, perhaps you should consider what a technical, career-based education could offer you. Focused and accelerated, career-based training is designed to provide you with the specific skills you need. With career training, you can gain the skills and knowledge you need to test for professional certification and obtain an entry-level position in your area of study. At Asher College, we specialize in career training for healthcare, business, and IT careers that are in high demand throughout the country, and our programs are specifically designed to prepare students for these in-demand careers in a short period of time.

Which sounds like the best next step for you? Gaining career-specific knowledge and skills to begin a career in about a year, or sitting through four years of classes that may or may not be relevant to your future career? If training for a career you can begin as soon as a year from now sounds appealing to you, then consider career training with a technical school! Asher College, with campus locations in Sacramento, California, Las Vegas, Nevada, and Dallas, Texas, offers programs designed to prepare you for professional certification and immediate entry-level employment. At Asher, you can train for the following careers in a short amount of time:

If you’re a high school senior, or anyone that’s ready to take the next step in their career, it’s important to know that four year colleges just aren’t right for everyone. If you want to gain the knowledge and hands-on skills training you need for a career that’s in high demand, career training could be a great alternative for you! Asher College is designed for motivated students just like you. Students come to Asher for career training that is comprehensive, focused, and accelerated. If you are ready to figure out “what’s next” for you, contact us today! You can make it happen – with career training from Asher!